Not only on seat belts, these straps are also available for your dress. Various Colors and styles on these belts from large to small buckles can be used. They come in wide range of sizes and widths to choose from.

Though, you see nylon webbing every day while wearing your seat belt, most people rarely think about how it’s used elsewhere. The control and securing of cargo requires a much thicker material and the purpose of their use is similar: to prevent damage to goods.


Tubular nylon webbing straps are quite heavy and strong. These straps allows to tie things that carry a lot of weight. Various industries use these webbing straps and are used especially in the shipping and transportation industries as lashing straps, cargo straps, tow straps, winch straps, e-rail straps and lifting straps. Tubular nylon webbing and flat nylon webbing straps are also used in medicine.


A nylon lawn chair is made of nylon webbing which makes it strong and durable. Also known as harness chairs / garden chairs, they consist of an aluminium frame and nylon, vinyl, polyester back and seat.  You can easily replace the nylon straps, if the chair frame is in good condition.

The strength as well as durability of Tubular nylon webbing and flat nylon webbing makes this one of the most ideal materials for securing cargo, whether it’s the tanks our military sends overseas or the children we take to soccer practice.

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The movement to which the cargo is subjected during transport makes it all too easy for the cargo to become unbalanced. Without securing the load with proper restraint, including flat nylon webbing straps, disaster is likely to occur.
Most flat nylon webbing is produced several inches wide, which is commonly found on cars such as seat belts.

However, there are many other uses for this rope and it is included in many devices designed to bear weight. Much more flexible and with greater tensile strength, nylon webbing outperforms rope in almost every way.
Attaching various gears to tubular nylon webbings, such as S-hooks, carabiners, anchor bolts and plates and flat hooks, etc. Makes webbing even more useful.

These end fittings are hardware compatible, making these belts ideal for nearly any transport application. There is also a lock and ratchet system which makes securing the load significantly faster and safer.
Because of the strength and flexibility of tubular nylon webbing and flat nylon webbing, nylon webbing is a practical choice for carrying loads, even in military applications.

With a bandwidth ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches, the material is tough enough to withstand an M1A2 Abrams tank during its long journey to support ground forces in remote parts of the world. When the military entrusted it with transporting such an important cargo, it was more than capable of handling all civilian needs.

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Tubular nylon webbing and flat nylon webbingTubular nylon webbing and flat nylon webbing straps are used in high-quality military bag straps, military backpack straps, army backpack straps, military webbing straps, military rifle straps and military frog bayonet straps, etc.

Nylon webbing is used for dog leash harness, cat harness, cat collar harness, pet harness and horse harness, equestrian products for pet clothing harness, harness and collar harness, pet belt harness, nylon dog harness and lead dog harness and collar, etc.

Nylon webbing is used for safety belts, fall protection systems, rescue ropes, garden furniture lifting straps, tow ropes, etc.

Tubular nylon webbing and flat nylon webbing is used as webbing for industrial storage baskets, webbing for car seat belt webbing, webbing for winch webbing, webbing for tent webbing, nylon webbing for lifting furniture, etc.

Nylon webbing is for aerospace webbing used for aerospace webbing, aircraft webbing, parachute webbing, aircraft safety belts, etc.

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