Best Egg Conveyor Belt (Egg Belt):

An Egg conveyor belt or Egg Belt is highly demanding in egg industries. An automatic egg belt is a system that is made to transport eggs safely from one location to another. The basic principle behind an egg conveyor belt is to use a series of rotating belts or rollers that move the eggs along a track.
The process of moving eggs from one place to another starts with the eggs being loaded onto the automatic and expandable egg conveyor belt at one end of the system. The belt is then activated, and the eggs begin to move along the track. As the eggs move along the track, they are guided by a series of rollers to keep them in place.

The eggs may go through several processing or sorting phases as they continue to move along the track. They could be cleaned, examined, or ranked according to their size or quality, for instance. The necessary activities may be carried out by machinery as the eggs move along an egg belt during these stages, which may be automated.
The eggs are normally discharged from the belt onto another egg belt or into a container for packaging and delivery. Large batches of eggs may be processed fast and accurately because the entire procedure is built to be effective and dependable. We have a huge customer base in different countries like Unites States, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, Kuwait and UK etc.

Egg conveyor belt and Egg belt uses

Features of an Egg Belt (egg conveyor belt):

  1. These belts are designed specifically for safe egg transportation.
  2. These belts are designed with food-grade materials that are safe for egg contact.
  3. You can customize automatic egg belts to fit the specific needs of the egg production facility.
  4. These belts are easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Help in smooth and accurate egg transportation.
  6. Egg-conveyor belts Can be used for both manual and automated egg-handling systems.
  7. These belts lower the risk of egg breakage and damage during transportation.
  8. Can handle a large volume of eggs at once,
  9. These belts increase productivity and efficiency.
  10. Can use this belt for at least 10 years.

Egg belt from Webbing Tapes:

  1. High-quality materials: We use high-quality materials to manufacture automatic and expandable egg conveyor belts, our belts are durable and long-lasting.
  2. Customization: We can customize egg-conveyor belts according to the need of our customers. The belt can be tailored according to the specific requirements of the farm.
  3. Efficiency: An egg-conveyor belt help to increase the efficiency of the egg collection process by automating the movement of the eggs from the production line to the packaging area.
  4. Cost-effective: We provide automatic egg conveyor belts at competitive prices, making it a cost-effective option for farmers.
  5. Reduced breakage: The use of a conveyor belt can reduce the number of broken eggs during the collection process, which can save money for the farmer.
  6. Hygiene: automatic and expandable egg Belts help to maintain a high level of hygiene on the farm. Because webbing tapes’ egg-conveyor belts are designed to be easy to clean and sanitize.
  7. Customer Support: Webbing tapes offer 24/7 customer support.


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