Niwar is woven in mainly three types of material like Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester etc. Niwar also known as Webbing tapes. There are different types of Niwar in the world.

Practically Niwar used in Belts, Military Belt, Security Belt, Military Bagpack, Military Haversack, Military Rucksack, Carry Bag, folding Bed, Chair, Basket, Industrial Basket, Pet Leash, Dog Leash, Dog Tape, Cat Leash, All type of Leash. Safety Harness products, Safety Belt, Car Safety Belt, Safety Belt, Wall Arrest, Airplane Safety Belt, Parachute Belt, Furniture Outdoor, Shifting purpose, Loading Binding Harness and Vehicle Towing purpose etc.

Niwar has woven many types of material. Niwar woven by Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester etc. Nylon Niwar is very strong and suitable for different types of weather conditions. Now a days all types of Niwar makes for global market in condition of international standard.

Apart from their use in safety equipments these belts are also available for your dress. You can add splash of color with these stylish looking belts. There exist range of color and patterns on these belts having large to small buckles. These are available in different sizes and width so you can buy the one that fits you.


Nylon Niwar is very hefty and strong. You can tie things with these straps that does not break and able to carry tons of loads. Wide range of industries use these straps and these are especially used in shipping and trucking industry as tie straps, cargo straps, tow ropes, winch straps, e-track straps and as cargo hoist straps. These are also used in medical field.

The quality of the Niwar is depended on the material which is used by the manufacturer of Niwar. But now few manufacturer of Niwar with their good quality they are stand up in the international market Swastika Industries is one of them in Niwar manufacturing.