If you are looking for an Narrow webbings in Military/Army webbing, Niwar, Dog Tape, elastic for your lower, webbing for your bags, laces, trims etc, then yes you are looking for narrow fabrics that comes in various colors and designs. Now what the narrow fabric is? It is nothing but the strip of thin fabric that does not exceed 12 inches in width. It can be woven, knitted or braided. Different fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester etc are used by the narrow fabric manufacturers.


Narrow fabric is widely used in all types of industries such as Military/Army, Security jewelry, beauty, decoration, travel and so on either for decoration or support & safety. Each day every industry is doing experiments and finding out improved version of it for these purposes. Like leather cords in jewelry industry having exquisite designs and colors are in vogue. Garment industry requires expressly looking laces & ribbons for trendy garments. Along with this woven fabric having beautiful patterns and colors can be spotted easily.




Decoration whether individual, on fabric or for home is one area that seeks the attention of everyone. You can easily find a nice dress having laces & ribbons. Apart from this, laces can be found on handbags, lingerie, bed & bedding furnishings and other textile furnishings. Garment & furniture upholstery use narrow woven fabric called ribbons and tapes to decorate their products. Now if you talk about home decor with narrow fabrics for decoration, then there is nothing better than wicks and mantels. You clear surface can be beautify further with these small artifacts.




Safety is one area where narrow woven fabrics play an important role. In military there is much demand for cotton narrow fabrics that are used for safety. Cords and straps are made to tie things and used in packing also. Wherein Lanyard is a piece of rope that is especially used in ships.




Narrow fabrics in support & safety cannot be differentiated much. Narrow woven fabrics that are used in sports industry are considered under the support category. Webbings, which are made from closely woven fabrics is used to fasten anything. So rock climbing, trekking, swimming and other such adventurous sports are not untouched from this industry. You can find cotton webbings, jute, nylon, plastic webbings, reflective webbing and many more webbings from different fabrics and in ultimate designs. But in each case very high quality fabric with durability and strength is required. Elastic fabric is extensively used in any kind of garment. Wide range of elastic is thus used in garment industry. Narrow fabrics for support and safety are also used in aerospace, footwear industry and for industrial safety. For safety and support these are checked for stretch tolerance, tension tolerance, yield, pick & stitch tolerance. There is no such industry at present that does not use the narrow fabrics.